Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Henry's appointment yesterday could not have gone better. Seriously - he was a rock star. To start things off the nice nurse who took his vitals had bubbles to distract him. Bubbles!!! Possibly one of his favorite things. We have never gotten his blood saturations and pressure so quickly before. #winning

While waiting in the Cath Lab we run into Dr. Divekar (internalist that does his caths). He took Henry to look at the fish. One of which Abhay had named "Henry". That may be a little white lie, but it's okay by me. Henry loved the fish and I quote, "whoa!"

Then, Roger, our amazing ECHO tech who has been with us through this entire ride, had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing for him in a nice and warm room. He sat through the ECHO with little to no problems and didn't have to be sedated. Another win in our book.

Then......the long wait in the Peds Specialty Clinic. Now, when I tell people this they most often say, "weren't you scared that it was taking so long to get back to you". And the answer is - no, not at all. This is why. In the past, when a picture/scan/reading/blood test didn't look right we knew right away. I mean, like walk-into-the-ECHO right-away-to-tell-us-the-next-step sort of fast. The fact that no one was rushing to talk to us made me feel at ease.

We finally get a room (and free parking because of the wait) and the resident comes in. He tells us that he has seen the ECHO pictures with Dr. Law (our Cardiologist) and everything looks GREAT. GREAT!!! No stenosis (narrowing) of his RPA. Essentially, no change from his last exam. #winningtimesamillion I of course tear up and plant close to 75 kisses on my little man. Dr. Law then comes in to tell us the same thing and to give him a quick once over. His pulses in both legs were amazing. One of them used to be less prominent due to the work they have done through the artery. But, he was amazing. A perfect appointment in our eyes.

This does not mean that problems couldn't arise in the future. They ceratainly can. But, this is our present and we are thrilled. Henry is a growing, thriving, and "big 19 month old"......doesn't look like a heart baby at all except for his "zipper" - as per Ian (Dr. Law).

He is off his daily aspirin and is cleared for an entire year. One year people. Yes, I'm nervous about that long wait. But, I have also learned that the UIHC errs on the side of caution. If they didn't think he could go one year, they would not hesitate to have us back in 6 months.

So - as if I even need to say this........YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your continued support,
Team McDonald
(James, Kel & Henry)

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