Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Showing off for Grandmum and Grandad

For those of you that can't see him everyday, enjoy this short clip of his mobility these days!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Henry got to go to two parties this weekend. He made a brief showing at Uncle Brodie's stag party. He was pretty much a cry baby through that one. To be fair, it was after a long day with short naps and was past his bed time. Nice parenting, Kel. : )

Sunday brought his good buddy, Urban's first birthday party. Urban, Henry and their g.f. Evelyn were all born within a week of each other last year at the UIHC. Fun times!!

Hawkeye pictures are just extras from around the house.

disclaimer: for some reason the pictures all loaded together so they are not in order.

Friday, June 3, 2011


If we figure out how to flip it vertical, we will - but this is way to cool not to post now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 5, 2011 Weekend (Heart Walk, Garden, McDonald Visit)

What a fun filled and gorgeous weekend we had a couple of weeks ago. It started Friday night with the arrival of Grandmum and Grandad. Saturday morning kicked off with a mini-reunion with Stuart and Henry's first of many AHA's Heart Walk.

Team Henry did GREAT in this year's Heart Walk. We raised over $2,600.00. Thank you again to everyone that donated and walked with us. You are all awesome and Henry is a star. Next year he will be the Heart Walk Sponsor Child so get ready for another fun walk in 2012.

After the 3 mile walk, we grabbed some donuts and rested....briefly. I then put Chris to work helping me plant a flower garden in our drab back yard. Below are the results. I could not be more happy and proud of the work we did. I just hope I can keep it all alive and not try to bury more plants with mulch.

Saturday night was dinner at the house at which Stuart and Mia joined us. It was a fun night of catching up with Uncle Stu and getting to know Mia better. Sunday was a quick stroll with Grandmum and Grandad and a brief photo shoot before they had to get on the road. Henry just loves them so much.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

...Bring May Flowers

May 1 and the sun is out. A nice afternoon at 60 plus degrees. Uncle Stuart is moving home and Daddy won the Hockey's a good day. I (Kelly) left Henry for the first time this weekend so that I could attend a dear friends Bachelorette weekend. It was tough to leave...sobbing tough, but I made it through and had a fun girls weekend. Henry had fun with Daddy, Grammy and Hacky in Oxford.

H and James on the ice after the win. James made that trophy!

James scored one goal tonight!

The winning team. It was a great game won in OT.

Henry liked G.U. Ron's beard.

H and Grammy at the rink

Skating with Daddy before the game

Passed out after a busy weekend

G.A. Marcia and Cousin Tom game to visit and brought a beautiful gift. Thanks again!

Henry in the gorgeous hand knit Canada sweater.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Team McDonald had a lovely and busy weekend. Here are a few photos from the Holiday. The Easter Bunny found Henry three times. What a lucky guy.

FRIDAY - With the Hawaii-goers, A. Erin and David

SATURDAY - meeting his new friend Jake Stevens (Scott and Lisa's son)

SUNDAY - Easter Bunny and Photo ops

Wearing Easter basket on his head

Swinging on H$'s swing