Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Stink at Blogging

Man, I really do stink at blogging. I get on a roll, then stop. Perhaps I need to do something about this. But, who is my audience? I guess I initially did this so family and friends without facebook could stay updated on Team McDonald. Perhaps that is still my only audience - and that is fine by me. Maybe I'll spice it up a bit. Maybe you won't hear from me for another six months. Maybe you will. Maybe.

A quick update on Team McDonald includes a hopeful move this spring/summer to a lovely home in North Liberty. Site TBD. We are considering building our own, but are waiting on a few chips to fall into place before moving forward with anything. James is doing well in his job and heading up their Commercial Division. I am still at the Sheraton - that's all I'll say about that.

Henry is doing pretty well. It has been a tough cold and flu season for him resulting in several fevers, coughs and ear infections. January 6 was "tubes day for him". He handled it beautifuly. He is currently dealing with another cold, but his ears look great - first time we have heard that. He heads back to the UIHC for a Cardiology check up in early February. If you could bottle my anxiety in regards to this appointment you could probably power NYC for 3 weeks. All outward signs are that he is doing just fine, but we'll get some pictures to tell us more. He's such a tough little man though so we'll deal with whatever is thrown at us and move on from there. Is there really any other choice?

Some of Henry's favorite things now include: Star Wars ("tu-tu" R-2 in particular), bubbles, sledding, Mickey Mouse, hiding and raspberries. He's pretty rad.

Sending our love to you all,
Team McDonald