Sunday, April 15, 2012


Playing with KiKi on the ipad. Fun!!!

Picking H Up From School

This is a great part of our day. Henry used to run right to us. Now, he is having too much fun for that. He always wants to show us something cool at school.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Talking Fool

I have been amazed over the last week or so with Henry's ever expanding vocabulary. Considering his first "official" word was actually two words in "all done" followed shortly by "bubbles", I was privately expecting a more verbal child by this point. But, to each child their own. And, this child is kicking it in gear big time lately. I think he adds at least one new word every day.

Knowing that my child is also James' child, I have a feeling he was able to speak these words for some time, but wanted to make sure he perfected the art of each word before sharing with the rest of us.

Some of his new words include: peace, boots, goose, goal and watch. In particular, the watch one blows me away. He picked James' watch up this morning, threw it on his wrist and said, "dada watch". How does he even know that?

I'm excited to see what he comes up with today.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Henry McDonald is the Johnson County Start!Heart Walk Sponsor child this year. The walk is the morning of May 5 at City Park. We would love to have all our friends and family there to walk with us. We also intend to throw a small party/picnic after the event. More details to come on that.

Right now what we need is donations to the team. All monies stay local and go to the UIHC and the AHA. To donate, please visit the following website.

Click on "Find a Team" on the right hand side of that page. Then, click on "Team McDonald".

Let me know if you have any questions.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Henry's appointment yesterday could not have gone better. Seriously - he was a rock star. To start things off the nice nurse who took his vitals had bubbles to distract him. Bubbles!!! Possibly one of his favorite things. We have never gotten his blood saturations and pressure so quickly before. #winning

While waiting in the Cath Lab we run into Dr. Divekar (internalist that does his caths). He took Henry to look at the fish. One of which Abhay had named "Henry". That may be a little white lie, but it's okay by me. Henry loved the fish and I quote, "whoa!"

Then, Roger, our amazing ECHO tech who has been with us through this entire ride, had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playing for him in a nice and warm room. He sat through the ECHO with little to no problems and didn't have to be sedated. Another win in our book.

Then......the long wait in the Peds Specialty Clinic. Now, when I tell people this they most often say, "weren't you scared that it was taking so long to get back to you". And the answer is - no, not at all. This is why. In the past, when a picture/scan/reading/blood test didn't look right we knew right away. I mean, like walk-into-the-ECHO right-away-to-tell-us-the-next-step sort of fast. The fact that no one was rushing to talk to us made me feel at ease.

We finally get a room (and free parking because of the wait) and the resident comes in. He tells us that he has seen the ECHO pictures with Dr. Law (our Cardiologist) and everything looks GREAT. GREAT!!! No stenosis (narrowing) of his RPA. Essentially, no change from his last exam. #winningtimesamillion I of course tear up and plant close to 75 kisses on my little man. Dr. Law then comes in to tell us the same thing and to give him a quick once over. His pulses in both legs were amazing. One of them used to be less prominent due to the work they have done through the artery. But, he was amazing. A perfect appointment in our eyes.

This does not mean that problems couldn't arise in the future. They ceratainly can. But, this is our present and we are thrilled. Henry is a growing, thriving, and "big 19 month old"......doesn't look like a heart baby at all except for his "zipper" - as per Ian (Dr. Law).

He is off his daily aspirin and is cleared for an entire year. One year people. Yes, I'm nervous about that long wait. But, I have also learned that the UIHC errs on the side of caution. If they didn't think he could go one year, they would not hesitate to have us back in 6 months.

So - as if I even need to say this........YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your continued support,
Team McDonald
(James, Kel & Henry)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Who are you cheering for? I'm rooting for the Giants (simply because of Sash). James has always been a Patriots fan. And, by a very scientific cheese pole, Henry has chosen the Pats as well. The reality is that Henry will be in bed before half time. I certainly won't last the entire game, and James will probably be forced to watch the ending solo. Oh well, such is life with a vivacious 19 month old that likes to get up at 5:00 in the morning with mommy.

This weekend has been great. Spending most of the time together as a family doing a lot of playing, coloring, hide and see and of course, laundry. We did celebrate our friend Matt's 32nd Birthday Saturday night at Orchard Green in Iowa City. It was a fun, much-needed night out. Kiki was gracious enough to babysit with H-man - I think they both had fun.

The big 6-month cardiology check up is tomorrow. My anxiety is starting to rise to a point of being uncomfortable. I just wish it was over and done with. However, I know I can't change this. Whatever will be, will be. Que sera - right? But, it is my baby and my mind tends to go to the dark side if I let it. My pledge for the evening is to think positive. Feel free to send good vibes our way for a stellar appointment tomorrow for our sweet heart baby.

Gotta run, I must go "find" Henry. His hiding spot between the fireplace and the toy box might take a while to uncover. :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Stink at Blogging

Man, I really do stink at blogging. I get on a roll, then stop. Perhaps I need to do something about this. But, who is my audience? I guess I initially did this so family and friends without facebook could stay updated on Team McDonald. Perhaps that is still my only audience - and that is fine by me. Maybe I'll spice it up a bit. Maybe you won't hear from me for another six months. Maybe you will. Maybe.

A quick update on Team McDonald includes a hopeful move this spring/summer to a lovely home in North Liberty. Site TBD. We are considering building our own, but are waiting on a few chips to fall into place before moving forward with anything. James is doing well in his job and heading up their Commercial Division. I am still at the Sheraton - that's all I'll say about that.

Henry is doing pretty well. It has been a tough cold and flu season for him resulting in several fevers, coughs and ear infections. January 6 was "tubes day for him". He handled it beautifuly. He is currently dealing with another cold, but his ears look great - first time we have heard that. He heads back to the UIHC for a Cardiology check up in early February. If you could bottle my anxiety in regards to this appointment you could probably power NYC for 3 weeks. All outward signs are that he is doing just fine, but we'll get some pictures to tell us more. He's such a tough little man though so we'll deal with whatever is thrown at us and move on from there. Is there really any other choice?

Some of Henry's favorite things now include: Star Wars ("tu-tu" R-2 in particular), bubbles, sledding, Mickey Mouse, hiding and raspberries. He's pretty rad.

Sending our love to you all,
Team McDonald