Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Team McDonald had a lovely and busy weekend. Here are a few photos from the Holiday. The Easter Bunny found Henry three times. What a lucky guy.

FRIDAY - With the Hawaii-goers, A. Erin and David

SATURDAY - meeting his new friend Jake Stevens (Scott and Lisa's son)

SUNDAY - Easter Bunny and Photo ops

Wearing Easter basket on his head

Swinging on H$'s swing

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Henry loves to play catch with his soccer ball that cousin Lars gave to him. However, Henry has an uncanny ability to know when the video camera is on him. In the second clip I even distracted him while setting up and turning on the camera. He's a smart one. Grandad will enjoy his early fascination with soccer. Both clips were taken a few weeks apart, with the second clip being fairly recent.

take 1

take 2

Auntie Erin is Hilarious and Bouncing

This is a great clip of Henry being entertained by Auntie Erin at Grammy and Hacky's a few weeks ago. Mommy had to work and Daddy was home sick with the flu. The Hackathorn household was happy to have their buddy with them for the day. Thanks to our friends Nick and Shannon and their daughter Everleigh for letting us borrow the bouncer.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Showers (and a heat wave)

Henry is amazing. In the last two days he has started crawling all over, pulling himself to standing, eating "big boy" food and holding his own bottle. James and I are constantly in awe and really enjoying this stage. We couldn't be any more proud of our son. Here are a few pictures from the first part of April.